Participation as an individual

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  • Participation as an individual
    • Age and sport
      • Flexability is high in teens but decreases when you age.
      • Strength decreases as we age but much younger people will not reach full stregth until fully grown.
      • Oxygen capacity reduces with age.
      • Skill level can improve with age.
    • Disabillity and sport
      • Access examples are wider doors and ramps for wheelchairs.
      • Adapt sports that have been changed for the dissabled.
      • Parking dissabled bays must be made avalible.
      • Provision lifts must be made avalible to help get to higher floors.
    • Gender and sport
      • Physique men have more muscel.
      • Cardiovascular endurance women have smaller heart and lungs.
      • Stregth women have less muscle
      • Bone structure girls mature faster.
      • Flexability women are more flexable.
      • Women have a higher fat percentage.
    • Physique
      • Endomorph they are largest of the body types gain fat easily.
      • Ectomorph they are very skinny find it hard to gain muscle or fat.
      • Mesomorph they have wide shoulders and thin waist.
    • Environment and sport
      • Weather affects how the player can perform.
      • Pollution affects athletes because there wont be enough oxygen in the air.
      • Altitude affects you because there is less oxygen in the air.
    • Risk and Challenge
      • Challenge is a test in a demanding situation.
      • Risk is the possibility of suffering harm or damage.


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