Parsons theory of the family

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  • Parsons (1955, 1965)
    • He agrees with Murdock
      • BUT he says there are only 2 fucntions
        • "Basic and irreducible"
    • Functionalist
    • 2 Functions
      • 1. Primary socialisation of children
        • The children learn from their parents the norms and values of society
          • This happens between the ages of 0-4
      • 2. Stabilisation of adult personalities
        • Happens when you have a family of your own
        • Become the adult you are going to be when you have a family of your own
    • Often called the 'Warm Bath Theory'
      • According to Parsons - the family is a relaxing and caring place away from the worries of the world
    • Nuclear families are best at this!!


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