Parliamentary Law Making

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  • Parliamentary Law Making
    • Influences
      • Political
        • Government Manifesto
          • List of promises made by the government before they come into power
        • Individual MP's
          • Backbench MP's can introduce Private Members Bills
        • EU Law
      • Pressure Groups
        • Cause Pressure Groups
          • Campaign on behalf of someone else Eg. Greenpeace,NSPCC etc.
        • Sectional Pressure Groups
          • Represent a section of society Eg. Law Society, National Union of Teachers
      • Media and Public Opinion
        • If there is an issue, the public will often voice their opinion, causing the government to make changes
    • The Legislative Process
      • First reading - The introduction to the government houses
      • Second Reading - The main debate over the bill
      • Committee Stage - a committee of experts amends the bill, the number of people on the committee is proportional to the number of seats they hold in the commons or lords
      • Report Stage - the changes made are reported back to the house
      • Third Reading - The final debate on the sections of the bill
      • Switch House - The bill goes to the other house of parliament and goes through the process again
      • Royal ascent - The King or Queen approves of the government bill
    • Advantages
      • Democratic - Made by elected reps
      • Consultation - Subjections and objections are considered
      • Full Reform - Whole areas of the law can be changed in one act
    • Disadvantage
      • Long process - Takes lots of time
      • Complex - Difficult for all to understand
      • Parliament doesn't always have the time


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