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  • Parliament
    • Build in the Middle Ages - Demolished in 1834 due to a fire and re-built six years later in 1840 - taking 30 years to build
    • Who sits here?
      • House of Commons - MP's
      • House of Lords - 92 Hereditary Peers - Life Peer, Law Lords and most senior bishops in CofE
      • The Monarch
    • Reforms of HoL - Labour decided that an inherited title should not allow somebody to automatically participate in making law
      • Felt that some members should be elected and some nominated
      • Royal commisison set up to consider how many members of the house of lords should be selected
    • 3 Different Types: Public, Private and Hybrid
      • Bill is not an act of parliament this is what a bill becomes if approved by HoL and HoC
    • How an Act is made - Begins as a bill. - Bills are introduced to parliament by the proposing minister. -Pass through three readings. - Both houses pass, recieves royal assent
    • Advantage of System - Faster and Easier to pass legislation
      • Disadvantage of System - Head of Government is not directly elected


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