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  • Parliament
    • UKIP leader henry Bolton vote of no confidence
    • Amendment to finance bill Nicky Morgan, May had to come back within three days with new plan – last time lost finance bill 1978
    • 230 government defeat, biggest ever
    • European law is sovereign to UK law since 1973, if there is conflict, EU Law prevails
    • Gina Miller Case 2017 shows Parliament is sovereign over Government
    • Sovereignty is returning to the people – more referendums AV, EU, Scottish Independence
    • European Convention of Human Rights
    • 92 hereditary peers in HOL, 26 archbishops
    • Examples of debates: On whether to trigger article 50 (2017), whether to hold EU referendum (2015), on whether to carry out air strikes on Islamic State in Syria (2015), debate on UK’s response to chemical attack in Syria – refused sanctions (2013), VONC in John Major’s government – approved by 40 votes (1993).
    • Salisbury Convention
    • Examples of HOL attempting to delay bills but Commons prevailed – War Powers Act 1991, European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, Sexual Offences Amendment 2000, The Hunting Act 2004.
    • 2016 PAC investigated Google’s tax affairs, 2010 PAC investigated BBC’s use of public funds
    • 2016 Departmental Select Committee looked into alleged bad working practices at Sports Direct (paying below minimum wage), 2014 looked into whether UK should make military interventions in world conflicts.
    • 32% women, 10% ethnic minority, 29% privately educated, 5% from a manual occupational background


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