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  • Parliament
    • Structure
      • Backbench MPs- MPs who are not members of the Government or senior members of the Opposition
      • Front bench MPs - MPs who represent a constituency and are members of government or senior members of the Opposition
      • Select Committees HOC - investigate policies and work of govt. departments
      • Legislative committees of both houses - scrutinise and propose amendments to legislation
      • Speakers - both houses. Control debate and conduct
      • Whips - inform members + maintain party discipline
    • Role of HOC
      • Legitimation
      • Scrutiny of legislation + govt. departments
      • Holding govt. to account
      • Debate + deliberation
        • Providing consent to govern
      • Checking over powerful government
      • Representing MPs constituency
      • Removing a 'no confidence' government
    • Departmental and other Select Committees
      • Departmental only exist in HOC
      • 11-13 members, all backbenchers
      • MPs decide amongst themselves who will sit on what committee - through intra-party elections
      • Same party proportion as in the chamber
      • Chair may be from the Opposition
      • Power to call on paper work and ministers
      • Have small research teams
      • Present regular reports
      • Some are general scrutiny committees
    • General or Legislative Committees
      • Both houses
      • Formed for each piece of legislation created
      • 15-40 members
      • Members vote on ammendments
      • Whipped by party whips
      • Rarely defy government
    • Weakness of HOC
      • Party whips dominate
      • Legislative committees have little power - only 1% of amendments agreed to by govt.
      • Government controls debated and business of the house
    • HOC Reform
      • Select committees given extra salary and research teams to compensate for long hours
      • Select committee membership determined by backbenchers
      • Reducing constituency to reduce number of MPs following expenses scandal
        • Expenses system reformed
  • The PAC - often regarded as the most important and successful - is always chaired by the Opposition


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