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  • Paris  Anthology Aqa A level : The video guides
    • Stories are waiting in Paris by Eurostar
      • context, synopsis & mode
        • This is a video to advertise for Eurostar
        • It is multi modal as it features text and voice
      • Purpose, literariness, point of view & audience
        • The piece is more of a conversation rather than literary
          • it raises the idea of creating stories
      • How is Paris presented
        • A place of endless possibilities  and a blank canvas where you can paint your own memories
      • features
        • Lexis and Semantics
          • - personal and spatial dexis    - language is evocative        dynamic verbs
        • techniques
          • - short, simple utterances, repetition of subjunctive mood, maybe, creates pace & syntax: parallelism . sound effects used in video  helps to build atmosphere
      • Could compare with: not for parents, Breathless or Paris city guide
    • Paris city guide
      • Compare with: fine French food or encore une fois
      • lexis and semantics
        • intensifiers: these are used to place emphasis on ordinary things such as boulivards
      • How is Paris presented ?
        • it is presented as a place that is rich with culture and history , seine
      • purpose and audience
        • the purpose is to entertain, persuade and interest the audience who it is directed to which are: adults or people who are interested in Paris' history and culture
      • context and mode
        • This is in the form of a transcript, but is a video advert which is spoken mode with elements of written
      • grammar, phonology, pragmatics & graphology
        • planned pauses to place dramatic impact. fricative alliteration phrases, gentle tone. written text across the screne, sounds add to the audiences senses with visualising parcs
    • Fine French food
      • mode
        • it is a visual guide
        • it feature a spoken mode / multi modes.
      • lexical and semantics
        • features a semantic field of food and the French cuisine
      • other features
        • it is a spoken text which features fillers or false starts
          • rule of three at the end of the piece
        • grammatically correct and has a high level of lexis
        • prosodic features
          • direct address
      • Untitled
  • This is a video to advertise for Eurostar


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