parental investment Ao2/3

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  • parental investment AO2/3
    • maternal investment
      • extra marital affairs good resources/ good genesBaker et Bellis 14% pop result
        • Cockoldry benefits social supporthigh quality genes risks abandonment,abuse current partnerDaly et al
      • Geher et a male female students parenting scenariosif cost ANS arousal heart beat increase males biological less well prepared confront issues parentingl
    • paternal investment
      • males do invest long term mating resources e.g stable food supple > healthy>  lower child mortality,
      • paternity not always issue Anderson parents not discriminate step children and own look like good partner
      • IDAparental investment reductionist men's parental behaviour personal social conditions, - child hood experiences parental; divorce - Belsky, quality of relationship with mother, personality characteristics of father
      • IDA chimpanzees and bonobosboth show little parental investment, male parenting cultura learning


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