What did Pare Do?

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  • Pare
    • Background
      • 1510-1590
      • Lived in France
      • Profession- Surgeon
      • Trained as a barber surgeon didn't have enough money went to work for army
        • Was so good he went on to work for the King
      • Books; Treating wounds and works on surgery
    • Proved 'Bezoar Stone' said it was unrealistic that one thing can solve so many problems
    • War, Individual, communications and chance were all factors that allowed Pare to make his discoveries
    • Treatment for gunshot wounds BEFORE Pare
      • Poured boiling hot oil onto them
    • What did Pare suggest?
      • To clean the wound and bandage, he made an ointment- egg yolks, turpentine and oil of roses.
        • He created this when he by CHANCE ran out of oil
    • How did surgeons stop bleeding BEFORE Pare?
      • Used red hot irons to burn off the end of  the blood vessels
    • What did Pare suggest to stop bleeding?
      • Ligatures , Used bits of silk to tie off the blood vessels but didn't know about infection then so it didn't catch on


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