Parasitic and Mutualistic Relationships

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  • Parasitic and Mutualistic Relationships
    • Mutualism
      • Both organisms benefit in the relationship
      • Cleaner species - oxpeckers and buffalo
        • The oxpeckers eat pests on the buffalo
          • This provides the oxpecker with a food source
        • The oxpeckers alerts the buffalo of any predators around by 'hissing'
      • Plants are pollinated by insects
        • The plants are able to reproduce
        • The insects get a sip of nectar
    • Parasites
      • Live of a host
        • Takes what they need to survive without giving anything back
        • Often harms the host
      • Tapeworms absorb nutrients from its hosts causing malnutrition
      • Fleas cause bites on animals to get what they need
    • Some organism depend on others to survive
    • Its abundance is influenced on the distribution and abundance of the other species




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