Parallels in Frankenstein

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  • Parallels
    • Frankenstein & the creature
      • They think they've suffered the most.
        • (F) "More miserable than man ever was before" p. 135
        • (C) "could not sum up the hours and months of misery which I have endured" p.169
        • (C) "no misery, can be found comparable to mine" p.168
      • "gnashed his teeth"  p. 128 & "he gnashes his teeth" p. 21
      • Two passages almost identical but one about C and one about F
        • (F) "I stretched out my hand to him" p. 138
        • "One hand was stretched out" p. 46 (about C)
        • Suggests they have swapped roles.
      • Both referred to as a "wretch"
        • "Wretch!" p. 169 Walton about C.
        • "wretch" p. 161 F talking about himself
      • (C) "I am rather the fallen angel" p. 77
      • (F) "archangel" p. 161
      • Both alone
        • (C) "I am alone" p. 169
        • (F) "I shunned the face of man" p. 70
          • Chooses to be alone to begin with.
      • F described by Walton as having a "decaying frame" p. 22
      • C created from "decaying" parts of the "human frame" p.43
      • C is vegetarian and F is meat-eater
        • F "subsisted on the wild animals" p.155
        • C ate "berries" and "nuts and roots" p.81
    • Justine and the creature
      • Both hated by parents.
        • J's mother "treated her very ill" p.51
        • F  "detest(s) and spurn(s)" C p.77
      • Both called a "monster". J - p. 68. C - p. 46.
      • Both judged quickly.
        • F describes C as a "demoniacal corpse" p. 46
          • "children shrieked" "one of the women fainted" p. 82 upon seeing him. Judged on appearance
        • "the crime of which they supposed her guilty" p.65
      • Both think they will be okay.
        • J "appeared confident in innocence" p. 64.
        • C thought he could "gain the good will and mediation of the old De Lacy."
    • Frankenstein & Walton
      • (W) "I preferred glory" p. 14
      • (F) "I believed myself destined for some great enterprise" p.161
      • (F) "I could not rank myself with the herd of common projectors" p. 161
      • (W) "I often worked harder than the common sailors" p. 14
      • Both don't complete their "purpose" p.165.
      • (W) "what can stop the determined heart and the resolved will of man?" P. 19.
      • (F) "this ice is not made of such stuff as your hearts may be" p. 164.
      • Both think nothing can defeat men.
    • Frankenstein and Justine
      • Justine "appeared confident in her innocence" p. 64
      • Victor's "limbs trembled" and he had to "lean on a chair for support" p. 134
      • Frankenstein didn't save Justine because he thought his "tale was not one to announce publicly" p.63
      • Frankenstein'sfather came to save him "my good angel" p. 138/9
      • Justine is innocent but proven guilty, Frankenstein is guilty but proven innocent.
      • Semantic fields of pain surrounding Frankenstein in both trials.
        • "I suffered living torture" p. 63
        • "continually renewed the torture" p. 135


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