Parados in Peace

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  • Parados in Peace
    • General
      • 2 choruses
      • 1st MAIN Chorus:Farmers
        • Visual: dressed in the garb worn by Attic farmers. Audience recognises
        • Do the Singing
        • Perhaps Aristophanes was mocking them as he was an Aristocrat
      • 2nd Chorus: Athenians, Spartans, Argives, Boetians and Citizens of Other States
        • Visual:dressed in costumes easily recognizable as their local ones, but this was not very easily achieved, as many Greeks dressed alike 
        • Many perhaps carried the export of their city.
      • Greeks being united in their push for peace, so he included the extra chorus of citizens of all the Greek states for his scene of pulling Peace out of the hole in which she is imprisoned
    • First Two Stanzas
      • "I hear salvation call"
        • They need peace out of the cave to grow and thrive. They are the ones that hurt the most
        • Think Trygaeus is their hero
      • "redcoats" and mention of Lamachus
        • Army officers of Sparta and Athens are not good to them
        • Lamachus means 'war like' or 'war monger'
        • Peace makes War afraid
    • Second Two Stanzas
      • To Trygaeus
      • "We shall never fail or flag"
        • Desperate:they will use anything to free her 
      • Refers to Peace as a 'goddess' and 'a lover of the vine'
        • Vine: reference to drinking.
        • Drinking = Peace = Celebration


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