Character Map- Paradise Lost, Book 9

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  • Paradise Lost Characters Book 9- John Milton
    • Adam
      • Seen as a victim of Eve's treachery
        • He does not realise she is plotting his demise alongside her
      • Fatal flaw- his love for Eve
        • He put his love of Eve before his love for God- a sin. He allows his love to lead him astray and eat the apple
      • Naïve and innocent
        • Loves Eve and thinks that eating the apple will keep them together. Is unaware of Eve's bad motives.
      • Know that it is wrong to eat the apple but does so anyway
        • Allows his reasoning to becoming false, he tricks himself into eating the apple.
    • Eve
      • Seen as the harbinger of pain and man's fall from grace.
        • Allows evil to roam the Earth, and causes man's leaving of Paradise
      • Her undoing is that she is too trusting of the serpent and her vanity/pride
        • Allows her to believe that the apple is good for her, leading to her eating the apple.
      • Very convincing and eloquent
        • Argued that they should split up to better do the gardening
        • Convinced Adam to eat the apple
      • Jealous of Adam finding a new Eve
        • She devises a plan to have Adam fall with her, she refuses to be replaced by another woman,
    • God
      • Seen as unfair
        • He would kill his best creations for following their free will by eating the apple
      • Can be equated to King Charles I, a bit of a depot and power hungry
      • Banishes Adam and Eve from Eden
    • Satan
      • Turns into a serpent to trick Eve into eating the apple
      • Very eloquent and convincing
        • Panders to Eve's vanity and convinces her that by eating the apple she will transcend her destiny
      • Bitter but filled with envy
        • Envy of Paradise on Earth, envy of Adam for having a creature such as Eve.
      • Lust for Eve


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