Paradise Lost Book 9 - Quotations

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  • Paradise Lost Book 9
    • 'speakable of mute'
    • 'Fairest resemblance of thy maker'
    • 'Defaced, deflowered'
    • 'Earth felt the wound'
    • 'inward grief'
    • 'That all was lost'
    • 'eyes how opened'
    • 'minds how darkened'
    • 'leave not the faithful side'
    • 'fair, divinely fair, fit love for the Gods'
    • 'tend plant, herb and flower'
    • 'the hot Hell that always in him burns'
    • 'graceful innocence'
    • 'heavenly form'
    • 'cautious of day'
    • 'Offspring of Heaven and Earth'
    • 'Daughter of God and Man'
    • 'I must now change these notes to tragic; foul distrust and breach Disloyal on the part of man'
    • 'How can I live without thee'
    • 'sweet flowers and shades'
    • 'purple, azure, or specked with gold'
    • 'justify the ways of God to Man'
    • 'the odds of knowledge'
    • 'leave not the faithful side'
    • 'human sense'
    • 'Why then was forbid? Why but to awe, why but to keep ye low and ignorant'
    • 'she plucked, she ate'
    • 'higher than his lot'
    • 'trusted to have equaled the most high, if he opposed: and with ambitious aim against the throne and monarchy of God raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud
    • 'and of limb heroic built, though of terrestrial mould'
    • 'shamed, naked, miserable'
    • 'fallacious fruit'
    • 'Foe not informidable'
    • 'But what will not ambition and revenge Descend to?'
    • 'subtlest beast of all'
    • 'anger, hate Mistrust, suspicion and discord'
    • 'younger hands'
    • 'bent on Man's destruction'
    • 'the more I see pleasures around me, so much more I feel torment within me'
    • 'render me more equal'


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