Physics Paper 6 Tips

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  • Paper 6 Tips
    • Reliability/precautions
      • light using light ray box
        • darker room
        • brighter light ray box
        • sharp pencil
        • mark rays at centre/edge of beam
        • thin ray/small slit in ray box
        • perpendicular viewing of protractor
      • lens experiment
        • darker room
        • brighter lamp
        • fix meter rule to clamp or on bench
        • ensure object and centre of lens are at the same height
        • move lens/ object/screen until sharpest image is formed
          • darkened room
          • brighter lamp
          • move lens/ object/screen until sharpest image is formed
          • use object with fine detail eg. crosswires
          • measure at middle of range where image is sharp
        • screen, lens and object all perpendicular to bench
      • when placing pins
        • far apart
        • vertical
        • observe pin bases
    • sources of error
      • angles and reflection
        • thickness of lines
        • thicknes sof protactor
        • reading protractor
        • thickness of pins/holes
        • thickness of glass/mirror
      • measuring length of a spring
        • perpendicular view of ruler
        • use set square etc.
        • rule very close or touching spring
    • reduce evaporation
      • lid
    • using string to measure average value for circumference
      • half way up
      • top and bottom
      • more than one revolution
        • divide value by revolutions
    • apparatus uses
      • water volume
        • measuring cylinder
      • distance around 50m
        • tape measure
      • force to lift s big object
        • newtonmeter
      • mass of small object
        • electronic balance
      • pressure of gas supply
        • manometer
    • find centre of mass
      • find where rule balances on pivot
    • how to modify experiment if centre of mass is at 49.7cm mark
      • take readings form 49.7 or add weight until balances at 50cm mark




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