Paper 2 reading question 4

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  • Comparison
    • Paper 2 Reading - Question 4
      • 16 marks
      • About 16 minutes
      • Could always means must
      • Refer to all of source A and Source B
      • Write about 2 fully detailed comparisons
      • View point, tone, perspective, opinion, bias
      • Example: You need to refer to the whole of Source A and B.                   Compare how the writers convey their different attitudes to the two schools.           In your answer you could: Compare their different attitudes, Compare the methods the writers use to convey their different attitudes, Support your response with references to both texts.
      • Point  Evidence Analyse for both texts. Focus on methods- effect of language
      • AO3-Compare writers' ideas and perspectives, and how they are conveyed
      • Say what the writer's are as they will have different a agenda


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