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  • Paper 1
    • Early Life
      • Christian Attitudes
      • Buddhist Attitudes
    • Animal Rights
      • Christian Attitudes
      • Buddhist Attitudes
    • Prejudice
      • Christian Attitudes
      • Buddhist Attitudes
    • War + Peace
      • Christian Attitudes
      • Buddhist Attitudes
  • Jesus' 1st commandment - Shows that you should treat others how you yourself want to be treated.
  • 1st Precept- By being prejudice it could lead to violence which could lead to harm or even murder this would be going against this teaching.
  • Bad Karma- Prejudice creates bad karma.
  • 8 fold path- right intention, right action, right thought and right speech. By discriminating and prejudging you are going against these teachings.
  • Stewardship- This means that we have a duty or care to the earth are God expects the earth to be handed back to him in the same condition.
  • Animals can be used for human benefit, but should be respected- This means that animals can be used for work and for human entertainment, however neglect should be avoided and they should be respected as they have rights too.
  • Animals are part of the cycle of life and rebirth- This means we should respect them as they are important to our life.
  • Bad Karma- Cruelty can lead to bad karma.
  • 8 Fold Path- right action, right livelihood. by killing or eating animals you are going against these teachings.
  • 7th Commandment- By killing people during war you are going against this teaching.
  • Armies- Buddhist countries have armies purely for the sake of defence the soldiers have to accept bad karma.
  • Sanctity of Life- By having an abortion they are murdering the unborn child.
  • Imago Dei- God created all people in his image so by killing the baby you are in turn killing God.
  • 7th Commandment- By killing the baby you are going against this teaching.
  • Bad Karma- Killing a baby will lead to bad karma.


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