european powers-paper 1

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  • Europe powers
    • Britain: ruled an empire of 1 quarter of the world
      • they owned the richest industries
      • up to the 19th century they followed a policy of "splendid isolation"
      • they had the strongest navy
    • france
      • they had a large overseas empire
      • they were bitter about losing alsace and Loraine
    • russia
      • the poorest country out of the powers
      • it was ruled by tsar Nicholas II
      • the largest country europe
      • they had no lands overseas but
      • they wanted land in Europe and Asia
    • Austria-hungry
      • this was a central European empire made out of 10 nations
      • this was ruled by emperor franz joseph I
    • germany
      • it owned  a small empire but wanted more
      • they were jealous of Britain's sea power and riches
      • their ruler kisar wiltham the second wanted more international power for germany


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