Palmer (1975) - Schemas

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  • Palmer (1975) - Schemas
    • Aim: whether context would affect perception
    • 64 students, laboratory experiment
      • Shown visual scenes - kitchen opposite
        • Scenes shown for 2 seconds & provided a context
          • Participants shown an object to identify - included a mailbox, load and a drum.
            • IV: 4 conditions of the context shown - appropriate (loaf after a kitchen scene), inappropriate, similar oject (mailbox looking like a loaf, kitchen scene), inappropriate (drum after kitchen scene), no context
              • Repeated measures - every participant used in each condition
                • DV: correctly identified objects
    • Results: correctly identified the most objects after seeing an appropriate context, least after seeing inappropriate
      • Conclusion: expectations affect perception. Have a perceptual set based on context - affects accuracy when recognising objects
    • Strengths: Palmer controlled how long they saw the context for so differences in accuracy was not caused by having longer. && Participants had instructions so they knew what to do && data from 2 wasn't used because they forgot their glasses - poor vision could have affected results.
      • Differences: Because they were told what they were doing, they could have tried harder in some conditions. && data from some participants couldn't be used so there were fewer results.


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