Palmer (1975)

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  • Palmer (1975)
    • Aim: To find out wether context affects perception
    • Results: The participants correctly identified the most objects after seeing an appropriate context and the least after seeing an inappropriate context.
      • Conclusion:  Expectations affect perception. People have a perceptual set based on context.
    • Strengths
      • Palmer controlled the amount of time participants saw the context and objects for
        • The participants had instructions so they knew exactly what to do
          • Data from two participants wasn't used because they had forgotten their glasses. Poor vision may have affected the results
    • Procedure:  64 students were shown visual scenes like a kitchen for two seconds. The participant was then shown an object to indentify which was either appropriate to the context they had just seen or not appropriate, or with no context.
    • Weaknesses
      • The participants were told beforehand what they would be doing which may have caused them to try harder in some conditions
        • There were fewer results as data from some participants couldn't be used
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