Paint it Black

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  • Paint it Black
    • Overview
      • 4 dancers - 3 female, 1 male
      • Male dancer is associated with the words of the song as a depressive character whose whole world is black
      • Females wear red scarves and different style dresses
    • Themes
      • Lack of self control for the male - e.g. fell to floor in plank position
      • Manipulation: women manipulate male aggressively
    • Structure
      • When the females strut on, they use 60's provocative movement in unison
      • Women whip him with scarves as well as waving them around before leaving, yet he still reaches out for them whilst stranded on the floor at the end
      • Lots of contact work and leaning where the females support the male dancer near the end
    • Movement
      • Strong dynamics and curving gestures
      • Use the scarves as whipping actions towards the man
      • Male dancer's actions are energetic - trio of women perform behind him
      • Women's dance routine is repeated with the repetition of the words
      • He loses control of his neck as his head drops and follows his centre of gravity when he's frantically dancing


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