Crime Scene Paint

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  • Paint
    • Transference
      • Transferred by:                                  1) Forceful       Contact                        2) Contact with Disturbed paint
      • Transferred from:             1) Scene to suspects Clothes       2) Scene to tools / instruments   3) Vehicle to Vehicle
    • Control Sample
      • Sample taken from all layers including any wood from the item
    • Lab Analysis
      • During laboratory analysis we look at colour, layer structure and chemical composition
    • Retention
      • Factors affecting retention:    1) Washing   2) Activity       3) Texture      4) Time
    • Evidential Value
      • Fragments less than 1mm can provide a conclusive result
      • Location on suspect:                       HIGH- Hair          Combings              Outer   Clothing                      Lower  Clothing                    LOW- Pockets/ Turnups
      • Layer Structure:                     HIGH- Many layers                                    Few Layers                          Single Layer                       LOW- Single Layer white Paint


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