Pains of Sleep

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  • The Pains of Sleep
  • Themes
    • Imagination
  • Definitions:
    • reverential resignation
      • no hope
  • "Ere on my bed my limbs I lay"
  • "My spirit I to Love compose"
  • "Eternal strength and Wisdom are"
  • "Of shapes and thoughts that tortured me"
  • "Sense of intolerable wrong"
  • "Whether I suffered, or I did: // For all seemed guilt, remorse or woe"
  • "Saddened and stunned the coming day"
  • "Distemper's worst calamity"
  • "I wept as I had been a child"
  • "The unfathomable hell within"
  • "And whom I love, I love indeed."
  • Starts with a uniformed rhyme scheme and loosens as his life becomes restless.
  • On the surface it seems he is in pain trying to fall asleep.
  • It could be Coleridge making a confession of    some sort        - lack of              religion      - lack of love
  • Could symbolise Coleridge in a religious crisis.


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