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  • Packaging
    • Material used for packaging
      • Cartonboard
      • Tetra packs
      • Polymer food tray
      • Carboard
      • Glass
      • Aluminum cans
      • Blisterpacks
      • Steels
      • Recycled cardboard
      • Celloph wrapper
      • Mounting board
      • Tissue paper
      • Card tube
    • Environmental issues
      • Some packaging aren't biodegradable
        • Crude oil is running out
        • Landfills are filling up
      • Companies are trying to use sustainable material - FSC
      • Too much enegry is being used  when processing products
    • 6 R'S
      • Recycle
        • Save resources
      • Refuse
        • Consumers can refuse to buy the product if there is too much packaging
      • Re-think
        • Consumers can think whether to replace items for a new one and designer need to rethink there designs to make it more efficient and less harmful and attractive.
      • Reduce
        • using materials economically. tessellate using less materials.
      • Repair
        • repaired rather than being fully replaced.
      • Reuse
        • Plastic bags are reused. but the environmental impact is if they need transporting and cleaning before they are reused.
    • How it made
      • Die cutter
      • vaccum mould forming
      • CAD
    • Functions
      • To Promote
        • to try and sell the item 9eyecatching) and to provide information to the consumer
      • To Preserve
        • Packed to prevent them from going rotten. Also to ensure that they are sold hygieniacally and conveniently.
      • To Transport/Store
        • To contain the item safelty -"outers" are used to make it easy to handle,stack and transport the item.
      • To Protect
        • protect it from bacteria and stop it from getting damaged
      • CPP




If done right, proper item packing can reduce your production costs by an amount. This graph is really detailed. I like the 6 R's part a lot.

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