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  • Pacifism
    • The belief in non violence
      • A person who refuses to fight in wars is called a conscientious objector.
    • Why are Christians Pacifists?
      • All Christians believe that they are supposed to bring  peace to the world
      • The message of the angels to Jesus when he was born on earth was 'On earth, peace to men.'
      • Jesus said that those who worked for peace shall be called 'Sons of God'
      • The New Testament is full of references to peace and the way which Christians should bring peace and reconciliation
      • The Christian church make regular statements opposing war and encouraging members to work for peace.
    • Aung San Suu Kyi
      • Pacifist who tried to create peace in Burma in the 20's.
      • She was arrested for giving a speech and was denied contact with outside world for 20 years.
      • Her family had witnessed lots of violence and were Buddhist so wanted to stop violence.


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