P7 - Observing the Sky

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  • P7 - Studying the Universe
    • Observing the Sky
      • Sidereal Day
        • Time taken for the earth to rotate 360 Degrees - 23 hours and 56 minutes
        • Time taken for a star to return to the same position in the sky - 23 hours 56 minutes
      • Solar Day
        • Time taken for the Earth to fully rotate to exactly face the sun again. The sun appears in the same position in the sky - 24 hours
      • The Moon
        • Goes slower than the sun. Takes around 25 hours to appear in the smae position in the sky.
        • Reflects light from the sun. We see different patches of light and dark.
        • Full moon - Whole half we can see is lit up.
        • New moon - When the dark half faces us
      • Stars
        • An Earth year is the time it takes the earth to orbit the sun once.
          • Same day each year - you should be able to see the same stars in the night sky.
      • Eclipses
        • Solar Eclipse
          • The earth is 400 times smaller than the sun and 400 times the distance away. When it passes into between, it blocks the light from the sun.
        • Lunar Eclipse
          • The Earth passes in between the Sun and the Moon. No light reflected from the moon so it "Disappears"


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