P6 (EM Spectrum)

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  • P6 (EM spectrum)
    • 'Red Monkeys In Velvet Underwear eXterminate Gorillas'
      • radio, microwave, infrared, visible light, UV, X-ray, gamma
    • increase in wavelength to the left
    • increasing freq. to the right
    • Radio
      • 10cm-10000m, communications
    • Microwave
      • 1cm, cooking and satellites
    • Infrared
      • 0.01mm, heating, cooking, cameras
    • Visible Light
      • fibre optic cables
    • UV
      • tanning, ink, lighting
    • X-Ray
      • medical uses
    • radiation dose = sieverts
    • UV,Xray and Gamma are dangerous
    • black body
      • absorbs EM, no reflection
    • temp. increases, intensity of emitted waves increases
    • temp. increases, peak wavelength decreases




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