Physics P5

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  • P5 - Space for Reflection
    • Satellites and Gravity
      • Geo satellites = 24h orbit above equator
      • Gravitational force keeps a satellite in orbit
      • The height and perdiod of a satellite depends on its job
      • Centripetal force is a force towards a center of a circle to maintain circular path
    • Satellite communication
      • Some radio waves are reflected by the ionosphere
      • High frequency waves pass through to reach an orbiting satellite
      • Long wavelength waves are easily diffracted around hills
      • amount of diffraction depends on size of gap
    • Scalars and Vectors
      • Scalar quantity = size only, vector quantity = size and direction
      • momentum = mass x velocity
      • changes in temp and volume = changes in pressure
      • projectiles have a constant horizontal velocity
    • Waves
      • polarised light has oscillations in one plane only
      • convex lens makes a beam of light converge
      • type of interference depends on path difference
      • total internal reflection = light goes from a dense to less dense medium


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