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  • P5 electric circuits
    • moving charges
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  • conductors and insulators
    • Metals - good conductors because it has free electrons so lots of charges are free to move
    • plastics- insulators because of few free electrons so few charges free to move
  • static electricaty
    • protons= positive
    • electrons= negarive
    • neutrons= no charge
    • forces of attraction between positively charged nucleus  and negatively charged electrons in atom
    • electrostatic forces between charged objects
      • e,g comb
      • like charges repel-opposites attract
    • nucleus
      • made of neutral neutrons
      • positive protons
      • atom made up of charged particles
        • positive nucleus
        • negative electrons
    • two insulating objects are rubbed together= become charged
      • electrons are transferred from one object to another
      • object which have lost electrons=positively charged
      • objects which have gained electricity= negatively charged


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