P4- Key Terms

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  • P4
    • Speed
      • Distance/Time
      • Average Speed instead of actual speed
    • Work
      • Force x Distance moved in direction of force
      • Amount of energy transferred=Work Done
      • When a force moves an object it doesn't work and energy is transferred to the object.
    • Momentum
      • Mass x Velocity
      • Greater the mass of an object, the more momentum it has
      • Resultant force x Time for which force acts
    • Acceleration
      • Change in  Velocity
      • Not same as velocity or speed
      • Change in velocity in an amount of time
    • Forces
      • Friction
      • Arrows show size and direction of force
    • Energy
      • Kinetic Energy
        • 1/2 x Mass x Velocity2
      • GPE
        • Weight x Vertical Height Difference


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