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  • P2a
    • kinetic energy
      • E=1/2mv2 is the same as square root of v=2E/m
      • doubling speed increases Ek by a factor of 4
      • energy = distance x force
    • elasticity
      • F = k x e
        • k = spring constant, e = extension
      • limit of proportionality - the maximum force that the elastic object can take and still extend proportionally
    • car safety features
      • by increasing the time, the change in momentum happens more slowly, so impact on passengers is reduced
      • crumple zones -  convert KE into HE and SE as it changes shape
      • air bags- transfer KE of passenger onto gas in air bags which escapes through pores in materia
      • material of belt stretches, absorbing energy
    • charge, current and time
      • Q= I x t
    • filament lamps
      • gets hot - more heat energy - more vibrations of ions - harder for charge carrying electrons to travel through the filament so current cannot flow as easily - increased resistance
    • series circuits
      • as more lamps/components are added, current is smaller as lamps increase resistance


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