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  • P2 Radiation and Life
    • Ultraviolet
      • risks
        • Skin Cance
        • Sun burn
        • Heat rash
      • Benfits
        • You produce vitamin D
        • You feel good
        • Nice tan
    • Greenhouse effect: The earthemits electromagnetic radiation into space gases in the atmosphere absorts some of the radiation and this keeps the earth warmer the it would othewise be warm enough for us to live
    • Global wasrming: The increase in green house gases cause a rise in the amount of radiation for the sun that isabsorbed in the earths atmosphere.this causesthe earth tempture to increase an effect known as global warming
    • The carbon cycle pg 77
    • How radiation travels
      • Photons
        • On the radio waves side litle pack with little energy
        • On the Gamma ray side it has energy packs with loads of energy in them
    • Communication:   Analogue&Digital
    • Gamms rays
      • Risks
        • Very ironizing damaging cells causing cancer
      • Uses
        • Kills cancer cells kills harmful bacteria from food


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