Physics - P2 Tpoic 2 - Controlling and using electric current

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  • P2 Topic 2 - Controlling and using electric current
    • Key terms
      • current
        • the rate of flow of charge
      • voltage
        • what pushes the current around the circuit
      • resistance
        • something that slows the current down
      • the balance
        • if you increase the voltage, then more current will flow
      • potential differance
        • voltage = current x time
    • Energy transferred
      • when electric charge goes through a change (gives up energy) of potential difference
      • electrical power = potential difference x current
      • energy transferred = current x potential difference x time
    • Energy conserved
      • junctions
        • where the current either splits or rejoins in a parallel circuit
      • current doesn't get used up or lost in a circuit
        • its conserved
        • the total current entering the junction is the same as the total leaving the junction
          • its conserved
    • Resistance
      • ammeter
        • measures current - must be placed in series
      • voltmeter
        • measures voltage - must be placed in parallel around the component
      • voltage-current graphs
        • fixed resistors
          • current is proportional to voltage
        • filament lamps
          • as temperature increases, resistance increases
        • diode
          • current will only flow in one direction
    • Devices and reisitance
      • light dependent resistor
        • in bright light resistance falls
      • thermistor
        • in hot weather, resistance drops
      • resistors
        • get hot when an electric current passes through them
          • electrons collide with ions in the lattice
          • heat causes resistance to increase
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