GCSE: OCR gateway: P1: Heating Houses

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  • P1
    • Heating Houses
      • Energy Flow
        • Energy in the form of heat flows from a warm body to a colder body
      • Measuring Temperature
        • Thermogram
          • White/yellow is hot; black/blue is cold
        • Temperature is a measure of hotness on an arbitary scale
        • Heat is the measurement of internal energy on an absolute scale
      • Specific Heat Capacity
        • Energy needed to raise 1kg of material by 1`c
        • Divide value in J by 1000 to get it in K/J
      • Specific Latent Heat
        • The energy needed to melt/boil 1kg of material
        • When an object changes state energy is transfered but the temperature remains constant
          • Energy is used for breaking the bonds
    • Keeping Homes  Warm
      • Practical Insulation
        • Double Glazing
          • Reduces energy loss by conduction
          • Gap between two peices of glass filled with a vacuum
            • Reduces energy loss by conduction
            • Particals in gas far apart so difficult to transfer energy
              • No particals in a vacuum so its impossible for energy to be transfered by conduction
        • Loft Insulation
          • Reduces energy loss by conduction + convection
            • Warm air in the home rises
              • Energy is transfered through the ceiling by conduction
                • Air in loft  warmed by top of ceiling and is trapped by loft insulation
                  • Both sides  of the ceiling are at the same temperature so no energy is transferred
                    • Without the loft insulation warm air would move by convection currents and heat the roof tiles
                      • Energy transferred to the outside by conduction
        • Cavity Wall Insulation
          • Reduces energy loss by conduction and convection
            • Air in the foam is a good insulator
              • Air cannot move by convection because it is trapped in the foam
        • Shiny foil in insulation blocks
          • Reduces energy transfer by radiation
            • Energy from the sun reflected back in the summer keeping house cool
            • Energy from home reflected back in keeping house warm in the winter


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