P1.1 The Particle Model

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  • P1.1 The Particle Model
    • John Dalton
      • His model of the atom was a very small, indestructible sphere
      • All the atoms in an element are the same
      • Different elements contain different atoms
    • J.J. Thomson
      • He was investigating cathode rays, not atoms.
      • An atom contains negatively charged electrons
      • Atoms are neutral
      • Plum Pudding Model
        • Atom has a positive mass
        • Negative electrons are embedded
    • Ernest Rutherford
      • Found that some electrons emit alpha particles (positive)
      • Geiger and Marsden helped him to shoot alpha particles at a piece of gold foil
        • Found the atom is mainly empty space
        • Found an atom has a positively charged nucleus with electron around it
          • Nucleus is made from protons and neutrons
    • Niels Bohr
      • The problem with Rutherford's model is you would expect the electrons to spiral in
      • Suggested that electrons only moved in fixed orbits
        • Electron shells


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