P11 - pressure

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  • P11 Force and Pressure
    • P11.1 - Pressure + Surfaces
      • pressure = force/area
      • units - pascals (Pa), equal to 1N/m2
      • pressure - when objects exert forces on each other
      • reduce the pressure by spreading weight over a bigger contact area
    • P11.2 - pressure in a liquid at rest
      • pressure of a liquid increases with depth
        • the further the hole is below the level of the water, the greater the force with which jet the leaves the bottle
      • pressure a liquid increases with density
        • pressure = height x density x gravitational field strength
          • p = h x p x g
    • P11.3 - Atmospheric Pressure
    • P11.4 - Upthrust + Floatation
      • more the object is lowered into the water, the more water is displaced, the bigger the upthrust
        • the volume of displaced is equal to the volume of the object (RP - density)
      • upthrust - upward on a force due to the pressure of a liquid
      • object floats when its weight is equal or less than the upthrust


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