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  • P1.1 - Energy Transfer
    • Infrared Radiation
      • The transfer of heat energy by electromagnetic radiation
      • The hotter an object is, the more infrared it gives out
      • The amount of infrared an object emits or absorbs depends on its surface, shape and dimensions
      • Objects emit and absorb radiation faster if there is a bigger difference between it and its surroundings
      • Dark, matt surfaces:
        • emit more than light, shiny surfaces
        • absorb more than light, shiny surfaces
    • Kinetic Theory
      • Explains the different states and properties of matter
        • When the temperature increases: the gas molecules move faster and collisions become more intense
      • Atoms that make up a gas are always moving
        • When the temperature falls: the gas molecules move slower, the molecules move closer together, there is less collisions, the gas forms a liquid
      • Eventually, the liquid becomes a solid. The atoms in a solid can only vibrate about a fixed point
    • Energy Transfer by Heating
      • Involves the movement of particles. This can be undertaken by a variety of m echanisms including
        • Conduction, Convection, Evaporation, Condensation


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