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  • P1-core
    • Kinetic theroy
      • can be used to explain conduction, convection, evaporation and condensation.
      • all the states of matter are made of Particles, atoms or molecules
      • solids: vibrate liquids: move bu contact with other particles gases: free to move
      • LIQUIDS: have a fixed volume, take  the shape of their container, have a medium particle energy
      • GASES: fill the space available, have a high particle energy
      • SOLIDS: fixed shape, low particle energy
    • Conduction
      • How do particles explain conduction
      • Heat energy can move through substance by conduction Heat energy is from the hot end of the object to the cold
      • Metals are good conductors of thermal energy
    • Infrared Radiation
      • Independent  variable: surface of cube. Dependent variable: temperature of surrounding air.  Controlled variable: same starting temp of water.
      • Black Matt is the best absorbed and is the best emitter of thermal energy.
      • Black Matt radiates the most thermal energy, because the energy surface absorbs and emits thermal energy
    • Heat and Temperature
      • Heat is a form of energy
      • thermal energy is transferred from warm regions to cool regions
      • If the temperature outside is 1 degree Celsius, there is a constant thermal transfer and we start to feel cold


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