Political Oppposition to Desegregation

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  • Political opposition to desegregation
    • Federal Opposition
      • The 'Dixiecrats' are a splinter group of Democrats made up of Southern politicians
        • Opposed attempts to introduce an effective Civil Rights Act
        • Left the democratic party due to disagreementsabout civil rights, but rejoined in 1954
        • Aims: keeping segregation and protecting states' rights to retain laws that guaranteed white supremacy
        • Presidents needed the Dixiecrats' support in congress
          • They had to take their views on board when creating new laws
        • Congress were fearful that the Dixiecrats would disrupt government
        • They hindered the cause for Civil Rights
    • Resistance
      • Some southern state officials resisted desegregation in open ways
        • Shutting down schools to avoid intergration
      • Some school admissions tests were deliberately biased against black students to prevent them from joining 'white' schools
      • Some states refused to end literacy tests and continued to disrupt opportunities for black voters to cast their vote at elections
      • State officials could claim to follow the letter of the law to desegregate
        • They did not stick to the spirit of desegregation laws
    • White Citizens' Council (WCC)
      • Organised protests and used threats of violence (or actual violence) against those who sought intergration
      • Set up in 1954 to stop desegregation
      • Had around 60000 members in the mid 1950s
      • Opposed any desegregation: schools, libraries, swimming pools etc
      • Sacked black employees who were involved in civil rights
      • Members feared that desegregation would lead to more calls for political and economic equality for black Americans


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