Skill acq-classification

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  • Skill acquisition- classification
    • Gross skills-large muscle movements (running)
      • fine skills- small muscle groups, produce small accurate movement (darts)
    • Discrete skills- clear beginning and end (tennis serve)
      • Serial skills- number of discrete elements to make routine (dance routine)
        • Continuous skills- no clear beginning or end (cycling)
    • Self paced skills- timing controlled by performer ( dive)
      • Externally paced skills - movement controlled by environment ( receiving a pass)
    • Simple skills- low level complexity, not much decision making needed (jogging)
      • Complex skills- high levels of complexity, number of sub-routines (volleyball spike)
    • Low organisation skills- sub-routines easily separated & practised independently (dance routine)
      • High organisation skills- sub-routines not easily separated as closely linked (golf swing)


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