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  • Ozymandias-Language
    • "boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away"
      • Alliteration creates harmonious image of infinite nature contrasting with pharaoh's brutal and short-lived regime.
      • "stretch far away"-the desert is vast and survives far longer than the broken statue, emphasising the insignificance of the statue of Ozymandias.
      • Shows the humble power of nature as it leaves Ozymandias and stretches away.
      • "lone and level": alliteration-emphasises the feeling of empty space in the surrounding desert. isolated image.  makes image more vivid
    • "king of kings"
      • Shows superiority
      • However, it shows irony as he is king of nothing and is powerless.
      • Arrogant decleration
    • "mighty and despair"
      • Imperative to other rulers shows arrogance
      • Irony: onlookers more mighty than statue as they are still living
      • Half-rhyme with "appear"- suggests unease
    • "cold command"
      • Allusion(reference)-to tyranny: the harsh "c" sound brings this out further. shows cold and aggressive it foregrounds the pharaoh's cruelty
    • power of a ruler who was a pharaoh had an empire. statue is extended metaphor of power
    • "survive" and "lifeless"
      • Antithetical (phrase) juxtaposition(two opposing phrases next to each other): sentiment of power, not actual power, is all that survives


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