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  • Ozymandias-Form and Structure
    • Form
      • The half rhyme of "despair" with "appear" shows the unease
      • It has a regular rhyme scheme which shows that the power of art will live on but that humans wont last forever.
        • Perhaps symbolic of the broken statue itself, no longer perfect
      • Ozymandias is a Petrarchan sonnet written in the form of Iambic Pentameter
        • Ozymandias is written in thee form of a sonnet. this shows the compression of feelings and represents the single idea of power.
          • Volta at line to Petrarchan sonnet shows the change the power has not kept him alive but power of art
          • he wrote in a sonnet form because Ozymandias was going to live a short time
        • use of iambic parameter suggests that something is living
      • octave(first 8) + sestet(last 6) - Petrarchan sonnet(type of sonnet composed of octave and sestet) with Volta (change or progression in tone of poem) at line 9
    • Structure
      • the use off enjambment creates an everlasting effect. this shows that the power of art will never end but human power will end.
      • The use of caesura  ‘Nothing beside remains.’ highlights to the reader how Ozymandias is no longer known and feared, despite his arrogance. The clear and blunt language perhaps also reveals how the narrator is unsympathetic towards the now long-gone ruler.
      • Shelley has written the poem in the first person which makes the poem more immediate and shows us a real experience


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