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  • Ozymandias
    • Form
      • In the form of a sonnet - usually used for love poems, which is ironic because of Ozymandias' lack of love for the people he ruled.
      • Uses iambic pentameter, but is often disrupted, possibly to show how the power of nature and time can destroy human structure.
      • It is in the form of a second hand account story, showing how irrelevant Ozymandias has become
    • Context
      • Percy Shelley was a 'Romantic'. Romantics believed in the power of nature and time being stronger than anything human.
        • This influenced the tone and general message of the poem, obviously showing human power has become meaningless due to the power of nature and time.
      • Shelley also disapproved of monarchies and oppression, which could be why he depicts Ozymandias as a cruel tyrant
    • Irony
      • After all of Ozymandias' arrogance of his great power and civilization, there is nothing left of it.
      • The destroyed statue is a symbol that human achievement is temporary and lasts for a very short time compared to nature, which will last for much longer.
      • Shelley's use of irony shows his hatred for oppression and the fact that he believes that it can be overturned.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Pride. The ruler was proud of what he did and called on others to admire it - ''Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair''
      • Arrogance.  The inscription on the statue shows that Ozymandias believed he was all powerful,and better than everyone. He could be comparing himself to an immortal or a God when he says he is 'king of kings'. This is also ironic because someone who was once so powerful was now left to a 'colossal wreck'


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