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  • Ozymandias
    • Themes
      • Power of Man
        • 'sneer of cold command' shows that Ozymandias was a ruthless leader. 'Cold' shows that he wasn't very welcoming and saw being a ruler as more of a job than a duty. The verb 'command' shows the amount of power which he held
        • 'The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed' is a juxtaposition sentence. The 'hand that mock'd' suggests that his leadership was harsh and that he was abusing power in his role. However, 'the heart that fed' suggests that the civilians needed him and new that he was kind at heart.
      • Nature and the effect of time
        • A once tall statue has 'nothing besides remains' which suggests that it has been ruined. Also it shows that no-one had cared for it over the years which is a contradiction to how powerful the statue was in the past. It shows that Ozymandias' power had faded after he died
        • 'Half sunk, shattered visage lies' shows that the nature of the desert has destroyed the statue to the point that it's covered by it. It suggests that the power which Ozymandias held was nothing compared to the power of nature
    • Structure and form
      • Written in a dramatic monologue of a person telling a story about how he met a traveler
      • It is a continuous poem with no stanzas, so it shows that the dramatic monologue is to be read like a story.
      • By having no stanzas, the poem it allowed to be read very powerfully. It is almost like a speech which shows the effect of nature.
    • Ozymandias was a powerful ruler who was disliked my many. He had a statue built for him but it is now nothing but a 'colossus wreak', showing that nature is powerful over everyone


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