Ozone hole.

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  • Ozone hole.
    • what is ozone
      • a layer of 3 oxygen molecules 25 km up in out atmosphere.
      • it protects us from UV-B (ultra violet B) which increases our risk of skin cancer, cataracts and suppress the immune system.
      • UV-B can also damage plant life single-cell orgasms and sea-life.
    • what is the ozone hole?
      • sources of CFCs are: insulation materials, deodrant and spray cans, refriorators and air conditioning.
      • the ozone hole is caused by CFCs.
      • the hole closes in winter and open and spring although humans are changing that!
    • what has been done about it.
      • in 1987 all the countries agreed the Montreal protocol to phase out all CFC's over several decades.


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