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  • Chemiosmosis
    • The chemiosmotic theory is a model to explain the synthesis of ATP.
      • The theory proposes that the energy for ATP synthesis originates from the electrochemical gradient of protons across membrane
    • Protons are pumped across by proton pump (protein) that are found in the inner membrane of mitochondria.
      • They are moved against the concentration gradient (from low ---> high), this requires energy from the electrons
        • Protons are moved from th matrix and into the intermembrane space. They accumulate creating a high electrochemical gradient
    • It is the flow/diffusion of protons back into the matrix via the stalked particles that is the driving force tat makes ATP.
      • The energy from the protons is used to combine ADP + Pi ---> ATP. The enzyme ATP Synthetase/ synthase
        • The protons recombine with the electrons forming hydrogen and join with O2 --> H20
          • The movement of protons is referred to as chemiosmosis


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