Overview of biological rhythms

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  • Biological Rhythms
    • Distinct patterns of change in the body's activity that conform to cyclical patterns of which is influenced by internal and external patterns
    • 3 classifications of biological rhythms
      • Circadian Rhythm
        • 24 hrs to complete the cycle
          • e.g. Sleep/wake cycle
      • Infradian Rhythm
        • Longer than 24 hrs to complete the cycle
          • e.g. Menstrual cycle
      • Ultradian Rhythm
        • Less than 24 hrs to complete the cycle
          • e.g. stages of sleep
    • Biological rhythms are influenced by 2 things
      • Internal and External factors
        • Endogenous Pacemakers
          • Internal influences e.g. melatonin
        • Exogenous Zeitgebers
          • External factors e.g. light




This resource gives a basic overview of the different areas that need to be investigated in Biological Rhythms

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