Overdrive - GCSE Dance

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  • Overdrive
    • Choreographer: Richard Alston (Company)
    • First Performance: October 2003
    • Dance style:  Contemporary
      • Movement is expansive and energetic
      • Torso twists and curves
    • Choreographic Style: Pure Dance
      • Concerned with movement itself
      • Music and dance have close relationship
    • Starting Point: Music, Movement & Space
    • 16 Chapters, 6 women, 5 men
    • Accompaniment: Keyboard Study #1, Terry Riley  Pianist: Steffan Schleirmacher
      • Minimalist
      • Written by two keyboard players, structured by a computer
      • Phrases/fragments of melody interact and get shorter, stopping abruptly after 21 minutes.
    • Costume: Jeanne Spazziani
      • Simple, elegant, gender-specific costumes enhance the body design and flow of themovement.
      • men: loose fitting, grey vests and trousers.
      • Women: Halter neck tunics and trousers. 3 in all red. 3 in red tops, grey trousers
    • Lighting: Charles Balfour
      • The floor is washed in shades of blue, grey and purple. Colour changes relate tosections of the dance. Lighting from above and the sides create shadows.
    • Set: Simple  consists of a rectangular space, with white borders at the sides and back. The back wall is black. There are no wings and dancers exit and enter from the sides.


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