Geography -- Overall results of mine head

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  • Overall results of Minehead study
    • We found lots of information out of form our survey fo over 50 people
      • We interviewed these people in the centre fo Minehead
      • Around a  quarter lived here, and half were visiting
      • Of these people around 60% strongly approved of the sea defences and 18% disapproved
      • Almost half of the people thought that there was little problem with flooding, and 35% did not know
      • Around a third believe that there was the right amount of defences, and 20% believed that more could be done
    • Cost
      • we looked at the cost of sea defences in Minehead which was around £13,000,000 over a ten year period
      • The value of the property defended was around £156,000,000
      • The cost/benefit ratio was 1:11.5
    • Bi-polar evaluation
      • Said the beach nourishment was attractive, safe and enhances the habitat
        • But, is expensive and does not protect from erosion
      • Th sea wall had s long lifespan, protected against erosion but was not as safe


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