Overall evaluation of the behaviourist approach

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  • Over all evaluation of the behaviourist approach
    • deterministic=see all behaviour as determined by past experiences that have been conditioned. This ignores any influence of free will, and that free will is simply an illusion.
    • Reductionist= animals are seen as passive and machine like responders to the environment and they have no conscious insight into their behaviour. The approach ignores mental events during learning.
    • Evidence=pavlovs dogs support classical conditioning  theory adding validity and credibility to the approach
    • Application=can be applied to the everyday world operant conditioning works with a token economy system in prison if they show good behaviour they get tokens which can be exchanged for privileges.
    • Methods= behaviourism is influential and the scientific elements provided it with credibilty and status
      • However the problem with using a lab study is its artificial environment which lack ecological validity.


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